Cycho – Game Jam Build Download


Cycho, a local multiplayer made for the Duplicade Jam, is a fun twist on the classic Tron Lightcycle-style gameplay, with two opponents doing battle on a giant eyeball.

Two player can compete for survival, all while moving on a giant eye. One player is green, while the other is black. Portions of the eye are both green and black as well. As the players move around the screen, they leave a trail of their color behind them. This trail cannot be bumped into, or the game is over. Sometimes, you will be unable to see some of the snake trail, as the eye will move over it. If the green color of the eye, for example, is over a bit of green trail, the trail will become invisible, hidden into the eye. This adds quite a challenge to avoiding lines on the screen.

If you happen to have an extra friend and three Xbox controllers, one player can even control the moving eye! This addictive game might just be the weirdest Tron Lightcycle game you’ve ever seen. Grab a friend and try it for yourself!

Download Cycho Here