Cypher is a cool new retro side-scrolling shooter with online multi-player, with fast paced gameplay and hacking mechanics.  You control an agent who’s at war against corrupt government of Mars, using your hacking skills and fighting skills to steal the data that will bring them down.  Unfortunately there are other organisations out to steal the data too.

Cypher plays really well, with a nice array of weaponry, a levelling up system, and great online multi-player mechanics.  It’s a great retro 2d sidescroller with cool modern-day mechanics.

Download the Beta HERE

2 thoughts on “CYPHER, BETA DOWNLOAD”

    • Well spotted, we’ve checked up and it does indeed seem to of lifted a lot of assets from Silencer, Most notably, the HUD is exactly the same!

      As the CYPHER dev will be releasing the finished game for free, they won’t technically be breaking any copyright infringements though. Hopefully they make some changes to the game before release anyway, it is still in Alpha, so a lot of the assets may just be place-holders.

      Thanks for getting in touch :)

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