Dad by the Sword – Alpha Demo

Dad by the Sword is a lighthearted and wonderfully chaotic adventure where your jort-wearing dad slices up monsters in first person melee combat.

In Dad by the Sword you can move around and look much like in any first person game, but the combat is very different. When you want to attack an enemy you hold the left mouse button and swipe in the directions you want to attack, slicing off any enemy body parts in the process. Blocking and parrying is similarly movement controlled, but with you using the right mouse button instead.

At the moment the combat doesn’t feel quite right (possibly down to the low FOV or the short reach of your swing), but it does show a lot of promise and the dismemberment system is very cool. A quirk melee based adventure well worth taking a swing at.

Download The Dad by the Sword Alpha Demo Here (Steam)