Daemmerlicht – Alpha Demo

Daemmerlicht is a beautiful and surreal third person adventure about powerlessness, where you find yourself trapped in a dark nightmarish world that’s drenched in the red rays of an eternally setting sun.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was called Dusk Ends All Light, Daemmerlicht is a very stylish and atmospheric open world adventure where you are a little orb-like vessel that’s been wrenched into a strange dark world by a powerful entity. As you explore you discover that you’re not alone and perhaps this isn’t the sort of place you should hang around for long. But will you escape or will you become lost like the others?

The current demo build of Daemmerlicht features the first of three mini-chapters that will make up the game and takes around 10 minutes to play through. There is a tiny bit of platforming, but on the whole it’s more about exploration, discovering the world and making decisions.The gameplay is very different, but there’s a real Souls-ian vibe to the doomed world that you explore and the way the lore is deliberately opaque, with you garnering shreds of information from the items you pick up and an NPCs you chat to.

It’s a fascinating experience exploring the doomed world of Daemmerlicht. The visuals are stunning and the lore is very intriguing. A beautiful and surreal nightmare that you won’t want to wake up from.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Daemmerlicht Here (Windows)