Daft Disputes – Prototype Download

Daft Disputes is a delightful silly little card-based adventure where a sweet old lady and her gang of pensioners fight hoodlums in the park as they try to make it back to their retirement home before their bedtime.

In Daft Disputes, Agnes and a bunch of other senior citizens have got lost in a park that’s filled with oddball characters that try to hamper their journey home. You now need to guide Agnes through the park, gather her buddies and fight anyone who gets in her way.

The combat in Daft Disputes is entirely card-based, with you able to select between which pensioners you’d like to use and a few special “spell” cards. It’s a fairly simple combat system, but it does get a little deeper later on as you collect more cards, and you can even combine pensioners to create a formidable fighter.

The current build of Daft Disputes takes around 15 minutes to play through, and it may not have the deepest of combat systems, but it is a lot of fun and it’s very easy to pick up and play. It’s certainly got a lot of potential and impresses with its wonderfully silly premise, fun sense of humor and excellent hand drawn artwork. There’s plenty of life left in these cantankerous old codgers!

Download the Daft Disputes Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)