DAGDROM – Game Jam Build Download


DAGDROM is a beautiful paint based platformer created for Ludum Dare 32, that trusts you to figure things out for yourself.

Featuring platforming physics similar to Super Meatboy (but with far less violence), you control a small headless being who has the ability to fire paint at certain structures to make them solid.  There are also other uses for your paint, but the game would like you to figure them out for yourself.

As well as featuring fun paint based gameplay, DAGDROM is also a very happy experience, full of motivational messages and congratulations for beating obstacles.  Combined with the charming visual design and fun soundtack, this makes DAGDROM a wonderfully uplifting experience that’s guaranteed to make you smile.  Painty platforming full of charm and warmth.

Check Out a Playthough of DAGDROM HERE

Download DAGDROM HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)