Daisy Dangerous – Game Jam Build

Daisy Dangerous is a challenging Rick Dangerous inspired pixel art action platforming adventure that sees you navigating traps and blasting robots as you attempt to rid the land of an alien robot invasion.

In Daisy Dangerous you take control of Daisy, a one woman army on a quest to rid the land of the alien menace that’s invaded it. There are some fun little fourth wall breaking elements, which involve Daisy talking to the player of commenting on the game design, but for the most part it’s a straight up action platforming adventure.

It’s a very tough game. The robot’s aren’t generally too hard to dispatch (as long as you don’t waste your bullets) but there are lots of traps that’ll cause many a rage quit – particularly the automated wall mounted arrow shooters which are easy to miss until it’s too late! Needless to say you’ll die a lot in Daisy Dangerous, but you can respawn quickly and occasionally you’ll respawn as a banana – which seems to serve no real purpose, but it looks funny!

The difficulty level may not be for everyone, but if you stick with it you’ll find Daisy Dangerous to be a fun retro action platforming romp with a great sense of humor and some challenging old school gameplay. Those robots have messed with the wrong woman/banana!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Daisy Dangerous Here