Damnatio – Alpha Download


Damnatio is a chaotic new 2D multiplayer shooter with fully destructible environments, lots of weaponry, some very cool remote controlled machines and support for up to 32 players in one map.

It’s a fun game, with matches filled with carnage and destruction, especially when 32 players are on the same map.  It also features different game modes, bots, a replay system and persistent statistics.  The deadly remote controlled machines deserve a special mention, with you able to pilot choppers, predators, death orbs and mini dragons around the battlefield.  Also the fully destructible terrain offers some unique strategies, with you able to dig tunnels and build traps for your opponents.

Damnatio works very well, it’s a bit like a game of Worms, but with 32 players and battles happening in real-time – and it’s every bit as chaotic and fun as that sounds.  Alpha testing has just opened up for Damnatio, and the dev promises to give every alpha tester who leaves useful feedback a mention in the credits.

Update: Unfortunately this alpha is no longer available.