Damsel – Alpha Demo

Damsel is a very stylish and fast paced arcade action platformer in which you play an agent armed with a UV shotgun that you use to keep vampires in check in a dark cartoon world.

Damsel is set in a world where humans and vampires maintain a fragile coexistence. You control Agent Damsel, an agent for the Department of Sanguinarian Affairs who is sent to investigate the manufacturers of ‘Red Mist’, a vampire drink that claims to satisfy vampire’s thirst for blood without using and human donors. However the ‘human donor’ content may have been grossly played down by the manufacturers!

The gameplay in Damsel is very fast paced, with you embarking on a series of missions that can often be completed in a matter of seconds. Each level tasks you with an objective, such as killing all the vampires, gathering evidence or saving hostages, and you’re awarded points for speed, completing bonus objectives and picking up collectibles.

It’s a fun game with a nice sense of urgency, a good selection of different objectives and a very satisfying shotgun that eviscerates vampires with one shot. A stylish shotgun wielding action platformer with a nice focus on speed.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available