Dandelion – Game Jam Build Download


Dandelion, a colorful, relaxing, abstract game made for the Ludum Dare 34, has you floating around collecting pieces of sparkle.

You play as Dande, a lion of space and time sent to relume dead plants. There are some dead flower bulbs dotted around this strange world. You can launch yourself off of these bulbs and float around to collect different colored sparkle. These sparkles will form a tail on you, growing bigger with the more you collect. As you float around, you will be able to steer slightly left or right. Going towards the dead flower hubs will pull you in. Once you land on a bulb, your trail of sparkles will attach to the flower.

Once the flower gains enough of these sparkles, it will bloom into a colorful, brilliant flower. You do not always have to bring them long tails. Even a couple sparkles will help the dying flower, but it is quite fun to just wrack up long trains of them. There are also stem-esque shapes dotted around the area. If you run into these, they will shot you either away or towards the flower bulbs, depending on how you run into them, allowing you to get some of those hard to reach sparkles. Once you have bloomed all the dead flowers, your job is done. You can just look back and enjoy your beautiful, tranquil, space flower garden.

Download Dandelion Here (Win, Mac & Linux)