Dandy Ace – Beta Demo

Dandy Ace is a stylish isometric action roguelike where a magician uses magical cards to fight his way out of a cursed mirror he’s been imprisoned in.

In Dandy Ace you take on the role of a fabulous magician who has been locked away in a cured mirror by a rival magician who is jealous of his fame. You now need to use magical cardst help fight your way through the procedurally generated areas of the mirror, fight the rival magician and escape.

The cards you find along the way give you new attacks and abilities which can be mapped to different buttons on your controller. There are lots of different cards to find and they can be combined in more than a thousand different ways. The combat is fast paced and fun as you fight your way through the procedurally generated dungeons and before each level you can chat to your assistants (oddly named Jolly Jolly and Jenny Jenny) and purchase upgrades.

It’s a fun game with a high quality animation, fast paced gameplay, a delightfully whimsical story and a great sense of humor. The card-based combat works really well and it allows for a huge amount of different combinations. A card-based roguelike adventure that plays its cards right.

Download the Dandy Ace Beta Demo Here (Steam)