Dante’s Infernya – Student Project Game

Dante’s Infernya is a funny physics-based feline action game that sees you taking control of a naughty cat and attempting to destroy all your owner’s belongings without getting caught!

Dante’s Infernya plays a little like Catlateral Damage and Purrkour, with you controlling a mischievous cat who loves to wreck things, but with the added danger of being chased by your owner. Your aim in each level is to smash all the breakable objects and knock over all the unbreakable ones. Meanwhile your owner will spend his time chasing you and picking up the unbreakable objects and putting them back in place.

You’re quite an agile little cat, with a standard jump and a handy long jump which you can aim to reach high objects or cover large distancs. You’ll need to keep moving too – if your owner catches you then he’ll grab you and try to lock you in your cat box. If you get locked i your cat box then it’s game over but if you wriggle enough when he’s carrying you then you should be able to break free.

Dante’s Infernya isn’t particularly tough but it is a lot of fun causing carnage as a mischievous little cat. There is a lot of joy to be gained from knocking things over and watching as your owner gets more and more frustrated – maybe that’s why cats do it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Dante’s Infernya Here (Windows)

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