Dap – Beta Demo

Dap is a beautiful Pikmin-inspired horror action adventure where you gather and protect groups of fragile creatures (called Daps) and lead them to safety through a corrupted world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, in Dap you take control of a tiny creature called a Dap who is tasked with gather and rescuing other Daps from the corrupted forest world they’re trapped in. The Daps are weak and fragile, but they do have their uses, especially when groups of pressure pads need to be stood on simultaneously!

The gameplay is a little similar to Pikmin, in that you gather groups of tiny Daps and use them to unlock new areas. Dap is much more combat-focused than Pikmin though and it gets pretty damn creepy at times. You have some useful abilities to help keep the Daps safe – particularly lighting fires to fend off the corruption and being able to use chargeable projectiles to dispatch enemies ( don’t hold your charge for too long though or your Daps will explode!)

The new demo build of Dap is shorter than last year’s one, but it is a lot more polished and features more narrative. The (already excellent) visuals have also had a significant upgrade and the audio design is superb.

There’s a real sense of magic and wonder as you explore Dap’s corrupted forest world and there’s always something new and interesting to discover around the corner. The horror element is well implemented and there are some very intense moments in the demo. The fragile little Daps are very cute too, making you feel obliged to protect them and more than a little guilty when a mistake costs them their lives! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dap Beta Demo Here (Steam)