Dark Deception may look like a horror game, but it’s actually Pac-Man, the creepiest, freakiest Pac-Man game you’re likely to play.

You’re tasked with roaming the corridors of the maps, collecting all the shards (Pac-Mans dots) to complete the level. This is easier said than done though as it’s much harder to do from a first person perspective than a top-down view. Not knowing where the enemies are means there are some real jump scares as enemies pop out from behind corners just in-front of you.

Also in development for Oculus Rift, there is a story to the game (something to do with you playing a cop on the run), but it doesn’t matter really, all you need to know about this game is that it’s a freaky first person Pac-Man and it’s great.  Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde were never this scary.

Play the Alpha Demo in a Unity supported browser HERE



Dark Deception has now launched it’s Kickstarter campaign.   The team have now been liscenced by Sony, so they’re pretty keen to bring it out on PS4 (and Project Morpheus) and Vita as well as PC.  They’ve enlisted one of the main character artists from Bioshock Infinite to overhaul their characters, making them even more creepy.  They’ve also employed the voice talent of Carolyn Seymour, who’s appeared on-screen in Congo and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, but is probably best known as Queen Mirrah (Gears of War) and Dr Chakwas (Mass Effect).

As well as a wide range of tweaks, upgrades and improvements, some of the stretch goals include procedurally generated levels, new monsters, multiplayer, Mod support and an Xbox One version.  With all the graphical and sound improvements, as well as the promise of new monsters with every level, the scariest Pac-Man you’ve ever played is set to get a whole lot scarier…

Visit the Kickstarter Page HERE


  1. Thanks for posting about us! Just wanted to say that the game works with Oculus Rift as well. VR horror Pac Man :).

      • It definitely is. The Oculus is an amazing piece of tech. A constant concern during our development was that the Oculus experience would be a little too much better than the normal experience. Both are fun, but the Oculus just takes it to a whole other level. We received a lot of great feedback so far and are redoing the lighting on the levels a bit to make them darker and even more frightening.

        • Making it even more frightening? I’m gonna need a fresh supply of underwear! :)

          Seriously though, I don’t think you have to worry too much about the normal experience being worse than the Rift one. It’s excellent!

  2. The game is really scary. Can someone explain how it feels when you play it with Oculus ..what’s the advantage and where can I buy it and at what price?

    • Hi Aleksandar. I’m one of the devs of the game. The experience with Oculus is much more immersive and scary. It is our preferred way to play the game :). If you have an Oculus Rift, we just submitted our VR build to Oculus for their game market. We are waiting for their approval and then it will be available for download.

      Dark Deception is still in development, but we will be selling an early access build fairly soon – at a cheap price. When the full game comes out you would get that as well.

  3. This is really good idea especially for a horror game. I really do hope that you keep up with the good work~

    • Thanks! It’s starting to get really good. I’m looking forward to sharing the final game with everyone. :)

  4. So we have a ton of interest in the game online, but not many people are taking the time to actually head over to Steam Greenlight and vote for us. We are sitting at around 36% and need more help to get greenlit. Any help spreading the word gets us one step closer to releasing on Steam :).

    • Thanks for the feedback, we’ll try and remedy the situation. Can’t believe it’s not higher up the Greenlight rankings yet!

      • We had some bad luck with our submission date. A lot of games were submitted a couple days later and it pushed us out of the “most recent” page. The votes drop off a lot once you lose the visibility from being on that page.

  5. Smal question. You guys sad that this game will have a story and it’s basically a cop on the run who made a deal with a deamon named Helen Bierce and got trapped in her hell. I would just like to know if this Helen will be like the final boss of the game or something. I know that the gameplay is based on pac-man, but i think that it be cool to have a boss battle with a different task other than just collecting the soul shards. (Also, I already voted for it on Stean Greenlight).

    • Thanks for the question. Yes, there will be a final boss battle and it will pretty crazy. All I can say for the moment is that it’s not Bierce.

  6. So I’m just wondering.. when this will become a download? if you can tell sooner the better^^ thank you

    • Halloween at the latest. It could come much sooner. We have some more help on board now. A successful Kickstarter will really speed things up.

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