Dark Deception – Alpha Demo


We first covered Dark Deception a while ago and found it to be a super creepy first person Pac-Man that sees you roaming the corridors of a spooky hotel, collecting shards and avoiding nasty Murder Monkeys.

Dark Deception has now launched it’s Kickstarter campaign.   The team have now been liscenced by Sony, so they’re pretty keen to bring it out on PS4 (and Project Morpheus) and Vita as well as PC.  They’ve enlisted one of the main character artists from Bioshock Infinite to overhaul their characters, making them even more creepy.  They’ve also employed the voice talent of Carolyn Seymour, who’s appeared on-screen in Congo and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, but is probably best known as Queen Mirrah (Gears of War) and Dr Chakwas (Mass Effect).

As well as a wide range of tweaks, upgrades and improvements, some of the stretch goals include procedurally generated levels, new monsters, multiplayer, Mod support and an Xbox One version.  With all the graphical and sound improvements, as well as the promise of new monsters with every level, the scariest Pac-Man you’ve ever played is set to get a whole lot scarier…

Visit the Kickstarter Page HERE

Play the Alpha Demo in a Unity supported browser HERE (Right click for full screen)