Dark Flame – Pre-Alpha Download

Dark Flame

Dark Flame blends Castlevania inspired visuals and exploration with Dark Souls levels of punishing difficulty and tactical combat to create an epic 2D pixel art action RPG with deep gameplay and stunning pixel art animation.

You play a knight, sworn to protect the kingdom from evil, who notices a darkness spreading across the land causing its inhabitants to lose their minds.  You set forth on a quest to uncover the cause of this mysterious plague and save your kingdom from its madness.  What follows is a well crafted metroidvania set across large hand-crafted pixel art environments, with challenging gameplay and an RPG-style progression system complete with XP, levelling, weapons, armor and magic.

The world of Dark Flame is a beautiful but treacherous place to explore, as in Dark Souls, it’s filled with traps and deadly enemies that will punish you for careless mistakes.  This makes every new area a tense and nerve-racking experience as you try to anticipate where and what the next deadly danger will be and how you can avoid it.  It’s still early in development, but Dark Flame is already shaping up very nicely indeed, a dark, deadly and beautiful Action RPG that’s bound to delight fans of the Castlevania series (and lets face it Konami’s not going to make one any time soon!)

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