Dark Fracture – Pre-Alpha Demo

Dark Fracture is a tense and unsettling first person psychological horror game where you slip into insanity while working the night shift in a mysterious body farm.

In Dark Fracture you take on the role of Edward, an employee at a body farm who is dependent on anti-psychotics to get himself through the day. Solitude and freaky events can cause his sanity to sap away, so working alone during the night shift in a place full of dead bodies may not be the best career choice!

As you go about your shift you are plagued with dark visions which tip you towards insanity. You can avoid having a total breakdown by taking your pills or by finding personal items that give you some comfort. There is also a mysterious pill that all employees have to take once a day while standing in front of a mirror. The purpose of it is unclear in the demo build, but in the full game you can expect it to have some ramifications.

The Dark Fracture Pre-Alpha demo takes around 30 minutes to play through and does a good job of slowly ramping up the terror as you reach its climax. You’re never sure if what you see is real or if it’s just illusions brought about by your psychosis, but either way, working in that freaky body farm is far from being a dream job!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dark Fracture Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)