Dark Horizon – Alpha Download

Dark Horizon is a beautiful and creepy platforming adventure where a young boy sets out to save his village from a factory that’s polluting his village and spawning smoky monsters that lurk in the shadows.

The smog-filled world of Dark Horizon is a pretty grim place to live in. The smog is making everyone ill, dead birds litter the rooftops and dying/dead people litter the streets. In the distance is the source of all these woes, a large factory that’s belching out smoke. You need to set out stop the factory and save your village from its pollution.

The current build of Dark Horizon takes around 10 minutes to play through and ends quite abruptly, but it’s off to a very promising start. It feels fondly reminiscent of Inside, and though gameplay at the moment is mainly just platforming and running from monsters, there will be stealth and puzzle elements added to the full game.

Dark Horizon is still early in development, so it does have a few rough edges. At some sections of the game there’s a strange offset between the direction you push the control stick and the direction the character goes. Also, it’d be nice to have a little more interaction with the environment or the people within it. It’s an interesting game though, with a great sense of atmosphere and a highly detailed game world with lots of great little touches. The future looks bright for Dark Horizon.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dark Horizon Alpha Here (Windows)