Dark Medieval Times – Alpha Demo

Dark Medieval Times offers a fun Souls-like action platformer metroidvania adventure that plays like a mix of Dark Souls, Rayman and Castlevania as you explore its massive sprawling game world, collecting loot, discovering secrets and battling deadly enemies.

The current build of Dark Medieval Times gives you a large chunk of the game world to explore, that’s filled with a fog that spreads insanity, madness and death. In the game you take control of a little skeleton and must hack and slash your way through its dark and dangerous world. There’s plenty to discover as you explore – loot, weapons, secrets, Souls-esque short-cuts, lots of weird monsters and some deadly bosses to do battle with.

The full game will feature over 300 weapons, each belonging to different classes, such as mage’s staffs, swords and guns. Each weapon class alters the way you play significantly and you can level up your attributes to suit certain weapon types and builds using a similar souls-system as Dark Souls.

It’s still early in development, but Dark Medieval Times is already a very impressive game, with great artwork, challenging gameplay, quirky characters and a game world that’s packed full of secrets to discover. An undead metroidvania you’ll be dying for more of.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Dark Medieval Times Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)