Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army – Student Game Download

Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army is a fun little third person action adventure that sees you leading an army of demonic minions as you attempt to avenge the death of your father, The King of Hell.

In Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army you take control of Princess Darkfire – a princess of Hell, whose father has just been murdered by his aide Maidmon, in an attempted power-grab. Following the death of your father you were locked up in a dungeon, but thankfully you manage to escape with a little help from your band of cute little demonic minions. These minions not only give you a little emotional support, but have some pretty useful abilities that you’ll need to defeat Maidmon and take your rightful place on the throne.

It takes around 30 minutes to play through Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army and although the gameplay isn’t particularly innovative, it’s a very enjoyable little action adventure. It has a great art style and a nice mixture of puzzles, platforming and combat. Your little minions are a particular highlight, as they not only look great when they move en-masse, buy they also have lots of funny little lines that add a lot of humor to the game. A cheerful and charming little trip into the depths of Hell.

Download Dark Princess: Hell’s Little Army Here (Windows)