Dark Times – Alpha Download

Dark Times is a top-down horror shooter where a monster huntress searches for her son in a corrupted, alternate version of 1880’s Louisiana.

In Dark Times you follow the adventure of Ann, a seasoned monster huntress with a mystical talking raven companion. She’s currently in search of her missing son, who she’s tracked down to the marshlands of Louisiana, which are currently being terrorised by grotesque monsters.

Ann has a revolver, which comes in handy for blasting monsters, but her mystical crow has some cool tricks up its sleeve too. It can use spirit powers to slow down enemies and even slow down time, giving you a little more time to react, escape or reload. You can even aim the raven like a second gun and fire it out at enemies (though it’s a little fiddly to do in the heat of battle).

The current Alpha build of Dark Times takes about half an hour to play through and really impresses with its dark atmosphere, beautiful environmental design and intense gun battles. Your mystical raven powers come in handy, but even still you need to make every bullet count as you fight through the gloomy monster-infested swamplands. Highly recommended.

Download The Dark Times Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)