Darkest Decision – Game Jam Build

Darkest Decision puts you in charge of a struggling population, with you making various decisions in order to ensure your villagers survive as long as possible.

The only issue is, the decisions you make aren’t necessarily about what’s going on within the village, but instead, are about who to sacrifice to a weird circle demon who wants their souls. At first, you might not be aware that the demon is looking to kill your people, but uh, it is. That’s how strange shape-demons seem to work.

In each round of Darkest Decision you are presented with two people, each with skills that they bring to your village. Across the top of the screen, you have bars that represent various different needs within your town, though these bars aren’t very clear at first. Each week, you will need to sacrifice more and more people, in hopes of those bars never running out. Once you are done picking who lives and who dies, you’ll see how they have died and watch the bars fluctuate.

The writing in Darkest Decision is very well done, with some funny deaths thrown in. The demon almost acts like your friend who just can’t help but hurt you a little bit. Soon, the villagers understand what these deaths mean and start begging to stay, even admitting that they aren’t quite good at their job or saying that they do want to die if it is for their dark lord. If you are able to last for a while, you’ll start getting random events thrown in, to mess with you more. There is definitely a lot to keep in mind when ruling over a village that’s haunted by a giant circle demon.

Play or Download Darkest Decisions Here (Browser & Windows)