Darkestville Castle – Beta Demo

Darkestville Castle is a wonderfully witty and beautifully drawn Lucasarts inspired point and click adventure in which you play a mischievous, laid-back being of pure evil who has to deal with the unwanted attention of demon hunters.

Darkestville Castle draws inspiration from classic 90’s point and click adventures as it weaves its dark Tim Burton-esque fairy tale. In the game you take control of Cid, an unashamedly evil being who derives pleasure from performing evil deeds, such as creating armies of giant mutant chicken, cutting the braids off little girls or feeding laxatives to local pigeons.

Such bad deeds do gain Cid some enemies, in particular a hapless demon hunter called Dan Teapot and a couple of slightly more competent hunters called The Romero Brothers. It’s up to you to crush their plans for your demise so you can continue with your plans for other people’s demise.

It’s a fun game, with a charismatic protagonist, quirky characters, intuitive puzzles, beautiful hand painted artwork and a wonderfully macabre sense of humor. A well crafted point and click adventure that proves it’s good to be bad.

Download The Darkestville Castle Beta Demo Here (Steam) or Here (Windows)