DarkfieldVR – Prototype Demo


DarkfieldVR is a great looking first person space dog fighting game with a focus on co-op, virtual reality, and epic space battles.

You’ll start off in a station getting ready to hop on your fighter ship, and fly to fight in a thrilling war in a dog fighting experience against challenging opponents.  DarkfieldVR has a big focus on co-op play, and in the finished game you’ll be able to work together with a wingman to complete a variety of space based missions.

It’s still early in development, and the controls could do with a little work, but already the graphics, ship models, visual and sound effects are all excellent.  DarkfieldVR looks set to be an impressive and fully immersive co-op space opera – Multiplayer X-Wing with Rift support.

UPDATE: This Prototype Is No Longer Available