Darling – Game Jam Build

Darling is a creepy little retro styled P.T.-esque horror adventure where you attempt to break the vicious cycle and see your beloved again.

Created for the gm48 jam, Darling is a short first person horror game where you attempt to escape from purgatory to be reunited with your loved one. You are trapped within a P.T. style looping corridor and must find some way to break the cycle. The narrative is relayed via various notes that you find, all addressed to “Darling” and each shedding a little light on your relationship and why you’re trapped in purgatory.

It can sometimes be a little confusing whether the letters were written by you or your loved one, but it’s a tense little horror game with a great visual style and an interesting narrative. Well worth checking out for a bit of looping corridor horror.

Download Darling Here (Windows)