Darwake: Awakening from the Nightmare – Alpha Demo

Darwake: Awakening from the Nightmare is a visually stunning hand drawn cinematic puzzle platformer adventure set within a child’s endless nightmare.

In Darwake you follow Darwin and his mysterious owl companion as they navigate a surreal nightmare that Darwin is trapped in. His family have consulted many doctors to try and break him out of his slumber, but it seems that the only way he’ll escape is through his willpower and the bond he shares with his sister.

The Darwake demo takes around ten minutes to play through and has a nice mixture of puzzles and horrible ways to die. The platformign/movement could be a little more fluid, but other than that it’s a remarkable game. The puzzles are fun (especially the portcullis one) and it really impresses with its incredible artwork and freakish monster design. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Darwake Gameplay Video Here

Download The Darwake Alpha Demo Here (Steam)