Darwin Project – Open Beta

Darwin Project is now in Open Beta, so players can join in its fresh take on the Battle Royale survival genre.

Darwin Project isn’t like most Battle Royale games, so much so that calling it a Battle Royale game may be doing it a disservice. Instead of PUBG’s frantic 100 player bloodbath, Darwin Project features 10 player matches that with bows and axes and gameplay that focuses on tracking and hunting down your opponents via the environmental clues they leave behind.

There are lots of ways players can track other players in Darwin Project. Matches take place in an icy cold world that causes players body temperatures to plummet. This means that they have to light fires now and again to heat up, but will also be visible from far away. There are also certain cabins that you can visit that have monitors which display the positions of players in real time. Crafting items and equipment or harvesting resources can aid your survival but it also means that you leave clues behind that other players can spot. And, obviously the whole game world is full of snow, so you can track players via their footprints.

The many ways to track your opponents in Darwin Project makes for a much more active and strategic take on the Battle Royale formula – hunting, not hiding, is the secret of success here. It also has a unique Hunger Games-esque social element to it as well, with Twitch or Mixer viewers able to bet on the outcomes and influence the gameplay. There’s also one player who takes on the role of the ‘Show Director’ – a host that forms a living bridge between the players and the spectators, and able is to call in game changing effects such as nuclear bombs, zone closures and gravity storms.

It’s an impressive take on the Battle Royale genre that does more than enough to separate itself from the competition. A strategic and social Battle Royale survival game that focuses on the hunt, not just the kill.

Join in The Darwin Project Open Beta Here (Closes Feb 26th, 6PM CET)