DATA_BREAK – Alpha Demo

DATA_BREAK is a creepy and wholesome Earthbound inspired adventure where your ordinary office done finds himself at the mercy of the game’s creator.

The demo build of DATA_BREAK sees you waking up to the annoying beeps of an alarm clock and then getting ready to start your day by brushing your teeth, having a shower, appeasing your cat, getting dressed, etc.. Each of these activities plays out in a different minigame, such as a Pac-Man knockoff or a turn-based battle with a spider. There are also some well-hidden secrets and things start to get weird when you leave the house…

It’s shaping up to be a great game with a fun blend of charm and fourth wall breaking creepiness. The upbeat chiptune soundtrack and retro pixel art visuals work really well, and the variety of fun little minigames is very impressive.

Download The DATA_BREAK Alpha Demo Here (Steam)