Dawn Of The Ronin – Alpha Demo

dawn of ronin

Dawn Of The Ronin is a very stylish and super violent 2D hack and slash action adventure that sees you controlling a Ronin in 16th century Japan, fighting alongside legendary Samurai warriors as you ficht against the Tokugawa regime.

It’s that beautiful silhouetted visual style of Dawn Of The Ronin that hits you first, with it’s gorgeous hand drawn environments providing the backdrops for intense sword-based combat and plenty of blood splattering violence.  Combat in Dawn Of The Ronin is fast and tactical, with you utilizing deadly attacks, dodges and blocks to defeat opponents.

The Alpha Demo is still early in development, and devotes a little too much time to cutscenes at the moment, but when you’re in battle the game is spectacular, providing visceral silhouetted sword fighting and plenty of ‘wow’ moments.  We really can’t wait to see more of this stylish Samurai slasher.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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