Dawngate – Open Beta Impressions


Dawngate is a relatively new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game developed by Waystone Games and published by EA, taking inspiration from the likes of League of Legends and the well known old-boy, Defence of the Ancients. MOBA’s are becoming increasingly more popular extremely rapidly and this is leading to new developers all wanting a slice of the pie. This game takes the standard MOBA frameworks and adds its own unique style and twist to the mix, with a theme of customization and flexibility, as a player we can find freedom to develop our character and play the game however we see fit.

Choose from a large variety of different playable characters and tailor every part of the game to fit your personal style of play. Whether you want to be a tanky bruiser bludgeoning through the jungle, securing objectives, or maybe a ranged assassin, sniping off huge kill scores and carrying your team to victory.

The mechanics are relatively complicated to get the hang of if you are a first timer to this style of game, but after committing to a few matches it becomes very easy to get addicted and the satisfaction of scoring your first triple kill is second to none.  Dawngate is currently in open beta so if you’re a fan of strategic, team-based, fast-paced action, this game would most definitely do wonders for you.

Download the Beta HERE and let us know your thoughts!