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Day By Day

Day By Day is a short, beautiful and powerful game that shows the effects of war on those left behind, from the perspective of a soldier’s best friend – his dog.  Have some hankies nearby for this one – it gets emotional.

The following text will contain some spoilers, so we’d really recommend playing the game before reading on (and it is a game we’d highly recommend playing).  You start the game as a young puppy, standing in-front of your owners house, as your owner waves you goodbye before setting off to fight in the great war.  You’re left alone, and have to fend for yourself, but the other villagers keep an eye out for you, feeding you and playing fetch – even during a time of impending war, the village is a happy place, with friendly faces everywhere and children playing together.

Things gradually change though throughout the story though – years pass,  your dog grows up, there are less and less friendly faces on the streets (and more crime), less children playing, the warm golden hue of the opening scenes is replaced with a muted greys and your poor little dog goes hungry for long periods of time.  The more you play, the more obvious it becomes that the war isn’t just affecting those on the battlefields, but those at home too.

We really can’t recommend Day By Day highly enough – it’s a deeply emotional experience that’s certain to leave a lump in your throat (or bawling like a baby).  Will your master ever come home?

Check Out a Full Playthough Here

Download Day By Day Here (Windows Only)

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