DayDream – Tech Demo

DayDream is a beautiful and creepy Little Nightmares style puzzle platforming adventure where a young boy and his faithful teddy bear companion make their way through a mysterious dark fantasy world.

In DayDream you take control of a young boy called Griffin who finds himself trapped in a room and about to be consumed by darkness, when his faithful teddy bear (Birley) turns up and aids his escape. You now need to make your way through the game’s mysterious dark fantasy world, filled with beautiful scenery, eerie monsters, puzzles and lots of ways to die. You only control Griffin directly, but you can pick up, throw and issue commands to your teddy bear companion to aid your progress.

The current build of DayDream takes around 20 minutes to play through and although it has a few minor rough edges animation-wise, it’s still a very polished experience. The environments are all beautifully crafted, the environmental puzzles are all cleverly designed and the creepy hand that chases you from time to time is very unsettling. A great start to a beautiful nightmarish adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The DayDream Tech Demo Here (Windows)