Days Dark – Game Jam Build Download

Days Dark is a dark and unsettling hand drawn 2D walking simulator where a matriarch carries a basket of food through a barren land to feed her family.

Created for the Indiepocalypse Issue #14 game jam, Days Dark is a short 2D walking simulator that follows the journey of a middle aged woman as she treks through a desolate land with food for her family. To move you need to alternate between pressing Q and R, moving each leg independently as you do so. All the while a narrator speaks you you, with worlds that essentially highlight the bleakness of your existence.

As you make your way through the mysterious ruined land you encounter various strange beings, some of which are harmless, but some of which are after the turnips in your backpack – such as hungry dogs, freaky ghouls and a king that demands tribute. Get caught and you’ll lose a turnip from your backpack, which isn’t ideal as you need them for your family.

The running and walking could perhaps be a little more fluid and a touch faster, but on the whole Days Dark is a great little game that does a great job of immersing you in its unrelentingly grim world. The only real ray of hope in the whole game is your character and her determinedness to brave the horrors of the world to bring food to her family. She’s the only thing that will get them through these dark days.

Download or Play Days Dark Here (Windows, Mac & Browser)