Dazed in Space – Beta Demo

Dazed in Space is a delightful Mother-esque Sci-Fi fantasy adventure with horror elements, which follows three kids who get lost in an alternate dimension.

In Dazed in Space you follow the adventure of a young boy called Olof and his two friends who go out trick or treating on Halloween 1989 and end up going on a bizarre interdimensional adventure. The game looks a lot like a classic Mother/EarthBound style JRPG, but plays much more like an adventure game and has some Stranger Things vibes.

The demo build of Dazed in Space features the first three chapters of the game and takes around an hour and a half to play through. The pixel art visuals are vibrant and full of character, while still allowing for some creepy moments too. It’s a lot of fun, thanks largely to the likeable characters, the twists the story takes and some genuinely hilarious gags. It’s a real pleasure to hang out with these three odd little kids and by the end of the demo, you’ll be dying to see more of their adventure. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dazed in Space Beta Demo Here (Windows)