De-Liverance of a God – Game jam Build Download

De-Liverance of a God is a fun little ChatGPT powered narrative adventure where you need to persuade Zeus to free Prometheus from his eternal punishment.

Created for Ludum Dare 53, in De-Liverance of a God you are the eagle who’s tasked with eating Prometheus’ liver each day as his punishment from the gods. After thousands of years of pecking away at his liver you’ve taken pity on Prometheus and have vowed to try and save him from his torment.

De-Liverance of a God plays out with you having ChatGPT powered conversations with Prometheus, Heracles and Zeus. The mighty Zeus is unlikely to free him for no reason, but maybe Heracles will know of a way?

Due to the nature of ChatGPT it can sometimes be a little easy to achieve your task, but it’s a fun concept that makes clever use of ChatGPT. Having actual conversations with game characters is a bit of a game-changer and it’s nice to be able to free poor Prometheus from his eternal torment!

Download De-Liverance of a God Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)