Dead Acres – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Dead Acres Game

Dead Acres is a survival farming game by Glowstick Games where players must grow crops and defend their farm from an impending zombie apocalypse.

Much like it’s visual style, Dead Acres gameplay is at first glance similar to that of Minecraft. Using the small set of tools available to you from the beginning, you’ll start your day tending to your farm – preparing nearby land for crops, planting your assorted seeds, and looking after all those defenceless chickens and sheep. Once a day you’ll be met by a trader, eager to take your freshly harvested food supplies in exchange for ominous warnings about the rapidly approaching night time and other useful items to help you survive it.

It’s at night where the survival elements change from a peace-loving, ever-green self-sustaining nirvana to one of machine guns, explosives and re-animated sheep. This is the apocalypse after all, and even zombies need fuel for destruction. So as the sun sets each day you’ll quickly find yourself setting up a perimeter of lights around your trailer, loading shells into your shotgun, and pumping round after round into the undead horde determined to make this winter a very long one indeed.

With 8 different world locations to choose from, each with it’s own unique types of enemies and loot-able objects scattered about the environment, Dead Acres is a game with a ton of replayability. Just remember, here it’s not just your marksmanship that’ll save your life, but how well you wield your hoe too.

You Can Download the Free Dead Acres Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)

Check Out Dead Acres on Steam Here (Win & Mac)

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