Dead Air – Game Jam Build Download

Dead Air is a tense little horror game that takes place in a radio tower, where you need to figure out what buttons and levers to use to allow you to send numerical signals that will guide your companion back to safety.

Created for the Summer Slow Jams July 2021: Remix Games jam, in Dead Air you find yourself sitting in a radio tower in front of some complicated looking equipment. Your companion went to salvage parts for repairs and now that they’re on their way back they need a little help to locate the tower.

To guide them back you need to send out a series of short numerical codes. Each button or lever in the radio tower is assigned to a different number, but none of them are labelled, so you need to figure out which is attached to which number then input the right codes and send them. You also have the small issue of the generator breaking down and that perhaps not everyone out in the wilderness is as friendly as your companion…

It’s a simple but fun little game that makes inventive use of its radio tower setting. The voice acting is very well done and the tension really ramps up towards the end. Entering numbers into a computer has never been so intense!

Download Dead Air Here (Windows)