Dead Cide Club – Open Beta

Dead Cide Club is a side-scrolling battle royale game with PvE and PvP elements as you blast hordes of monsters and rival players in urban environments.

In Dead Cide Club you’ll fight to be the last one standing in side-scrolling battlegrounds comprised of large multi-storey buildings. Your character is highly customizable with plenty of cosmetic options and they’re pretty agile too, with the ability to double jump, dodge-roll and use a grappling hook. There are plenty of weapons to collect or purchase in the arenas and you also have a handy shield which you can whip out to protect you from enemy fire. Rival players aren’t the only threat though – there are also hordes of monsters that can be slain to earn a bit of cash to spend in the vending machines.

It’s a fun take on the battle royale genre, with great visuals, easily accessible gameplay and plenty of weapons to eviscerate your rivals with. Blasting the monster hordes is particularly satisfying as they burst into a glorious spray of blood and chunks. Sign up for the Beta to gain entry to the Dead Cide Club.

Sign Up For The Dead Cide Club Open Beta Here (Click “Request Access”)