Dead Containment – Beta Demo

Dead Containment is an excellent House of the Dead inspired on-rails shooter where you attempt to blast your way through a zombie-infested city.

Playable in single-player or online co-op with mouse or (Sinden) light-guns, Dead Containment is a good old fashioned on-rails arcade shooter where you fight your way through hordes of undead. You can shoot, manually reload and switch between three different weapons (handgun, uzi and shotgun) to help fend off the zombie hordes.

The current build of Dead Containment features two large levels and they contain everything you could possibly want in an on-rails zombie shooter. It’s got lots of different types of enemies, alternate routes, secrets, fast paced gameplay, bosses and great camera movement through its large environments.

Obviously light-guns are the ideal way to play this sort of game, but using a mouse works remarkably well too. A lot of care has clearly gone into balancing the game to make it feel fair while still giving you the feeling you’re on the edge of being overwhelmed by the zombie hordes. Highly recommended.

Download The Dead Containment Beta Demo Here (Steam)