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Dead Frontier 2 is essentially online multiplayer Resident Evil 2, with you able to drop in and drop out of a shared game world, blast zombies, complete quests, collect loot and work with or against other players.

Capcom had a go at turning Resident Evil into an online multiplayer survival shooter with the terrible Operation Raccoon City, but it looks like developer Creaky Corpse Ltd. have succeeded where Capcom failed. Dead Frontier 2 places you in a large shared game world, where other players can drop in and drop out as you play. You can explore the streets on your own, team up with other players or kill other players, the choice is up to you.

There’s a local police station that provides a safe haven from zombies and allows you to accept quests, trade items, train and access your stash box. Out in the streets things are a whole lot more dangerous. Thankfully, as the zombies outnumber the players, there’s not too much PvP action going on, which is good as you’re best of conserving your ammo for the zombies. The majority of the buildings in the streets can be entered and cleared out, with there usually being a tough boss zombie to defeat for a rare piece of loot.

Blasting zombies and completing quests earns you XP, which you can use to level up your character and add useful skills. You start the game with some tattered clothes, a pistol and a 2×4, but as you progress you’ll be able to collect clothes that increase your stats and better weapons. You’ll also need to scavenge consumables, such as bullets, bandages, antibiotics, food and drink. And if you want to use your car to travel to another district then you’ll need to collect some fuel.

It could use a little more variety as it’s a little grindy and the trading is a little clunky, but even as it stands Dead Frontier 2 is a very impressive online survival horror experience that’s about as close as you can get to a proper Resident Evil online game. Gore, guns, multiplayer and lots of loot – what more could you possibly want?

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Download The Dead Frontier 2 Beta Here (Steam)

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  1. This was my first time playing something like this so I don’t know how helpful my little review will be, but I did have fun, and some frustration due to my lack of understanding. I had a good time creating a character and running around, I really liked the search system and I liked that whenever we had something like a bacteria infection or intoxication a symbol would pop up in the corner. I liked the stats for water and food I didn’t think there was confusing, some games overdue it and you get lost in it. I think this game has TONS of potential but needs some clean up, I had a really hard time with the towns, a lot of interiors looked so similar I was like eehhhh…
    I also did more running around than good in these rooms, but multiple times I unlocked a key door and I felt like there wasn’t even anything to search in the room, which I get is realistic but I wanted to die. I also wanted cooler missions! Like I said I only made it into coopertown so if there’s more beyond that then I just haven’t made it there yet, but I was like lockets and pendants, fuck that, who cares about jewelry? OHHH and I swear I had the HARDEST time trying to figure out how to fuel my car!! I found fuel in the first 5-10 minutes of gameplay and then spent 45 minutes running around trying to find more because I didn’t think I had enough… SURPRISE i did. I had no idea managing and just putting the fuel into the “inventory” of the car were different so that took up way to much of my time 😂😂😂 It does look like there’s way more and more zombies and creatures to play with so i’m looking forward to seeing that! Just thought i’d share my first impressions, keep it up!

    Gameplay Video:

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