Dead Horizon – Beta Demo

Dead Horizon is a Wild West fusion of shooting gallery and point and click adventuring which follows a reformed gunslinger who tries to find redemption at the end of a gun.

Dead Horizon is sequel/expansion of a previous game called Dead Horizon that was released in 2017. While the original was a narrative-driven shooting gallery style game, this new game dramatically expands on the concept and is much more of a point and click adventure with shooting gallery gameplay elements.

In the game you take on the role of a murderous female gunslinger who has tried to change her ways and make a living as a sharp shooting carnival sideshow act. However, one day she stumbles across a mortally wounded water diviner and it seems she’s going to have to give up the carnival act and start shooting targets that shoot back.

The demo build of Dead Horizon contains a sizeable chunk of gameplay and sees you playing out the opening chapter of your gunslinger’s story. It’s a very immersive experience, with lots of great little touches and environmental details, as well as reactive dialogue, clever puzzle design and multiple options to approach different problems. The gunfights promise to be much more cerebral than just pointing and pulling the trigger too, with you able to shoot parts of the environment to distract your rival and get the upper hand. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic gunslinging Wild West adventure well worth pulling the trigger on.

Download The Dead Horizon Beta Demo Here (Steam)