Dead Ink – Alpha Demo

Dead Ink is a vertigo inducing top-down Souls-like where you print out your body and harvest ink from enemies as you attempt to climb down from the top of a gigantic tower.

In Dead Ink the quantum state of your brain has been encoded and beamed through the cosmos in a new form of light speed travel. Your mind has now been downloaded to a mysterious tower on a distant planet where you’ll need to fight to survive.

You start the game at the top of a massive tower where your body is printed out on an advanced 3D printer. As you progress you’ll collect blueprints for upgradeable equipment, consumables and even bodies which you can print out at the print stations too. Printing things costs ink though, which you can harvest from enemies in tactical Soulsian combat.

The tower in Dead Ink is a fascinating place to explore, with lots of hidden secrets, challenging enemies and beautiful brutalist architecture. The camera angle does a great job of emphasising the ridiculously tall scale of the tower and gives a real feeling of vertigo when you peer over any ledges – it’s a looooong way down!

The main character and enemy designs could do with a little more flair and the audio needs a little work, but other than that Dead Ink is shaping up very well. The progression system is cleverly thought out, the combat is challenging and the tower is a very unique and interesting place to explore. Just watch your step near those edges!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Dead Ink Alpha Demo Here (Steam)