Dead Knight: Pocket Edition – Game Jam Build Download

Dead Knight

Dead Knight: Pocket Edition is a charming and super tough de-make of the up and coming Dead Knight game, in which you play a long dead knight who starts off as a pile of bones (without a head even) and slowly rebuild yourself to your former(ish) glory and defeat a deadly boss.

In Dead Knight: Pocket Edition you explore mysterious caverns packed with hidden secrets and deadly foe to vanquish.  You can only take a few of hits before you’ll die (again), so caution is advised when taking on enemies, and we’d really recommend taking the time to seek out equipment and coins it really will help you get a-head.

As we’ve come to expect from the games developer Backterria (creator of ROCKROCKET & The Aspect), the pixel art animation and chip tune audio are both fantastic, creating a great looking game that feels very much like an old school Game Boy game (but is actually far better than the humble Game Boy was capable of).  Also similar to Game Boy era gaming is the games difficulty, as you progress, you’ll gain body parts and equipment which should make things a little easier, but Dead Knight: Pocket Edition will really punish you for silly mistakes.

Dead Knight: Pocket Edition impresses with it’s wonderful pixel art animation, excellent audio and tough-as-nails old school gameplay.  If Dark Souls was a Game Boy game it would look and play a lot like this.

Check Out a full Playthrough HERE

Download Dead Knight: Pocket Edition HERE (Alt + Enter for Full Screen)