Dead Knight – Pre-Alpha Download

dead knight 4

Dead Knight, a game created by BackTerria (creator of ROCKROCKET & The Aspect), is a 2D punishing pixel art styled Roguevania that’s a nostalgic throwback to games like Castlevania and Metroid.

The start of the gaming leaves a burning question in the back of your mind, Why did your wife kill you? As you seek answers in the beautifully drawn 2D world you start to realise that your quest for the surface will be no easy task. Thankfully along your journey you will find weapons and other items to help defeat the numerous enemies that are dead set on stopping you and returning you frail, skeleton body to the earth beneath you.

Not only will you find weapons to aid you in your quest, but you will also come across lock picks to open chests, bombs to lay waste to annoying ground enemies and last but certainly by no means least you will be able to obtain the rotting skulls of recently deceased enemies. These skulls give you different abilities (bats allow you to glide, while spiders give you a acid spit auto fire move) that will help you reach new areas normally unreachable and help defeat monsters at a quicker rate.

Be cautious all that dare enter. This game will give you a that infernal “Just One More Try” disease, as the enemies, traps and other objects will relentlessly pummel your remaining bones into dust. The game may knock you about a bit, but always keep your goal in sight – revenge is a dish best served cold!

If you love the Dead Knight Alpha (and you will) you should also check out the Dead Knight Demake Backterria made for the last Game Boy Jam!  It’s an awesome (and vert tough) bite sized monochrome adventure.

Download the Dead Knight Pre-Alpha Here (Windows Only)