Dead Letter Dept. – Alpha Demo

Dead Letter Dept. is a tense and atmospheric horror game where you attempt to transcribe letters that were lost in the mail.

In Dead Letter Dept. you have recently secured a job at the Dead Letter Dept. – a place where lost and mangled letters end up to be processed. Your job is to transcribe whatever legible text you can read on the letters. Most of the time you’re trying to figure out and transcribe addresses, but sometimes you’ll transcribe the actual letters and sometimes it feels like the letters are talking to you.

At the moment the transcribing can get a little repetitive (particularly when it’s only the addresses), but it’s a clever concept that has lots of potential. It’s got a very tense atmosphere and the way the freaky occurrences ramp up or you play is very unnerving. There’s plenty of life in Dead Letter Dept.‘s spooky letter transcribing horror.

Download The Dead Letter Dept. Alpha Demo Here (Steam)