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Dead Letters game

Dead Letters is a tense little cold war code cracking game in which you must decipher and call three different telephone numbers from messages that are played over the radio.

In Dead Letters you play a spy who needs to find a safe method of extraction to escape the country. To do this you’ll need to find out the phone numbers of your contacts by deciphering messages played over the radio. Your house is bugged though so if you do make a phone call you have to make sure the radio is turned up to full volume so you can’t be overheard.

It’s best to play Dead Letters with some pen and paper at hand as you’ll need to them to decipher the phone numbers (and it’ll make you feel more like a spy). You gather the three phone numbers you need to call by searching the radio bandwidth for short repeating phrases that are 10 words long. The number of letters in each word corresponds to a number, but any word that contains one of the ‘Dead Letters’ (U, S and A) is automatically a Zero. So for instance ‘Alpha Beta Gamer Ordered All Those Nukes To Be Dropped’ would give the phone number 0007000227.

The codes in Dead Letters are fairly easy to crack once you get the hang of them, but it’s the overall tone of the game that really impresses. It feels like a very authentic cold war experience as you scribble down notes on your piece of paper while listening to those oddly unsettling loops of audio. You’ll feel more like a spy during the five minutes of playing Dead Letters than in any gadget-filled James Bond-style spy game.

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