Dead Man’s Crossing – Game Jam Build Download

Dead Man's Crossing

Dead Man’s Crossing, a fabulous pixel art point and click adventure made for the Adventure Jam, has you driving your ghost train across the country and stopping at different locations as you attempt to fulfil the desires of your ghostly passengers so they can finally rest in peace.

You were the conductor when the train you were driving went off course. Everyone on board lost their lives, including you. Some people say that sometimes they can hear the train going across the tracks from time to time. This would be true, as even though you have died, everyone is stuck on this train in a limbo – looking for something before settling into the afterlife.

Each of the train passengers are looking for something before they go to the afterlife. Some of these passengers will tell you what they have lost; luggage at a different station, or a tool that was like a partner in crime. You must find the thing they need and give it to them, so they can rest in peace. Some people are pretty straightforward to please, while others take some steps before they are happy. You are still in control of your train, so you can stop the train and go out to explore the environment around you at any time. You can also view the map to see what’s around, and if you miss a stop, you can ever restart your journey without losing any progress.

It’s a fun game, with excellent pixel art visuals, an unique premise that offers unique twist on the traditional point and click adventure genre.  All aboard for a superb train based adventure, next stop, the afterlife!

Check Out a Dead Man’s Crossing Gameplay Video Here

Download Dead Man’s Crossing Here (Windows Only)