Dead Man’s Volley – Game Jam Build Download

Dead Mans Volley

Dead Man’s Volley, a super tough Pong Hybrid made for the Ludum Dare 34, challenges you to a musical showdown!

In Dead Man’s Volley you must dodge red bullets and bounce back balls in order to obliterate your opponent. There are three main bosses, each of increasing difficulty. Each boss has their own soundtrack, which your character will bob too. The bosses open by shooting out a pattern of red bullets, followed by a ball. You must dodge all of these red marks, but bounce the ball back with your shield.

You have two different shields, one blue and one green. Either shield is for the specific matching ball. If you use the wrong shield, the ball will go through, and you will lose a life. You only have three to play with – whereas the bosses have more – so make sure to get it right. The ball will volley back and forth between you and your foe until one of you misses. These attacks are quite challenging to get right and take some practice. Bouncing along with the sound tracks will help you feel the rhythm of the ball, so that you are able to bounce it back efficiently.  Are you up for the challenge in this stylish and super challenging Pong boss battler?

Play Dead Man’s Volley Here (Windows & Browser)