Dead Metal Punks – Alpha Demo

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Dead Metal Punks is a beautiful Unreal Engine 4 powered side scrolling shooter that’s split into two different game modes – one that plays like a traditional action platformer and one where you drive a super cool customisable tank and blast enemies out of the sky!

As Dead Metal Punks is a side scrolling shooter with tanks in it comparisons will be made to Metal Slug, but in reality it feels like a vey different game. Dead Metal Punks splits up the on-foot and in tank combat into separate levels (so no hopping in and out of your tank) and the feels a little slower paced and less chaotic than MS. Each level ends with a big boss fight and between each level you’re also able to buy new weaponry for your tank with the scrap that you collect in game. At the moment the on foot gameplay feels a little more satisfying, but the beautiful visuals of the tank level are a joy to behold, and the bosses in each mode are also very cool.

It’s still early in development so does have a few rough edges, but Dead Metal Punks certainly shows a lot of promise. Visually its a delight and the different game modes add a nice amount of variety – plus there really aren’t enough tanks in side scrolling shooters nowadays!

Check Out a Dead Metal Punks Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available