Dead Pets Unleashed – Kickstarter Demo

Dead Pets Unleashed is a bizarre and beautifully animated narrative-driven adventure where a layabout demon attempts to hit the big time with their band.

In Dead Pets Unleashed you step into the shoes of Gordy – a thirty-something demon who isn’t really having much success in romance, work or life in general. You work a dead end job at a local burger joint and you’re always behind with your bills, but there is one glimmer of hope on the horizon – your band. They’re not particularly good and not remotely successful, but maybe with a little work you can make that breakthrough you’ve been searching for over the last ten years…

Each day in Dead Pets Unleashed you start the day in your apartment then go to different places throughout the city as you live out your life and search for success. The various locations contain NPCs to chat to and more often than not a minigame, such as waiting on tables or a rhythm action guitar jam. You’ll also make important choices that will affect your wellbeing and cash flow.

At the moment it’s a little hard to warm to Gordy as there’s a lot of selfishness and entitlement going on, but other than that it’s a very promising game. The art style is fantastic, the characters are interesting and there’s a wonderfully diverse array of slice-of-life minigames to play. Unleash your inner demon and have a little fun with Dead Pets Unleashed.

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Download The Dead Pets Unleashed Kickstarter Demo Here (Steam)